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An Experiential Workshop

The journey toward career advancement often requires taking on additional responsibility and a new leadership role. However, the exciting transition from individual contributor to team leader demands a variety of new professional and leadership skills. The truth is that few of us are born to lead. But with the right wisdom, education, toolsets, and experience, good people can become great leaders. Dirigo’s Emerging Leaders Bootcamp provides attendees with 4 essential perspectives and tools necessary to be a more effective and natural leader.

Want to evolve your leadership talents – fast?

Join us June 8th for an engaging bootcamp-style workshop that explores the idea that we are ALL leaders and must continually develop our leadership skills to realize the outcomes we seek. Improve your leadership impact by identifying and intentionally leaning into opportunities to lead. Learn how to cultivate a leadership style that is authentic, compelling, and effective—and one that will leave a lasting legacy.

The Emerging Leaders Bootcamp experience is a workshop comprised of meaningful educational material and fun interactive activities that cement key points. Tools and takeaways from the session will enable you to:

  1. Ground your leadership approach in authenticity.
  2. Improve your communication skills and influence by understanding varying social styles.
  3. Create a culture of positive accountability.
  4. Inspire collaboration and innovation within and across teams.

Attendance to Dirigo’s Emerging Leader Bootcamp is limited, so please register soon, or contact us if you are interested!

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