Launching an Emerging Leaders Program at Innovate Newport

February 24, 2023: Dirigo, the leadership development firm based in RI, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce to deliver a premier annual Emerging Leaders Program at Innovate Newport in Newport, RI. The program is designed to help address the many challenges that organizations are facing with attracting and retaining quality talent. It provides professional skills development, advances leadership career paths, enables effective organizational growth, and focuses participating organizations on building a winning workplace culture. The result is the launching of the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leaders Program, facilitated by Dirigo.

The new offering is scheduled to begin in April 2023 with the first of twelve experiential workshops that make up the program. With a focus on time-based learning, the Emerging Leaders Program will run on an annual basis, spanning four quarterly themes, with twelve monthly experiential workshops at Innovate Newport. Chamber members will receive a discounted annual price per participant; however, the program is available to non-members as well.

“We could not be more excited to partner with Erin Donovan-Boyle and her entire team at the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce! Innovation and connecting community rest at the root of their purpose, and together, we’re striving to make a real difference for organizations facing hurdles they often can’t conquer alone. It’s sure to be an amazing year!”, said Garry Foisy, Partner at Dirigo.

Erin Donovan-Boyle, President and CEO of the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce commented on the new program: “We are launching this program with Dirigo at this particular time because we know our Region’s businesses, while having recovered well since the pandemic, are still having difficulty in retaining and attracting much needed skilled labor for their growing businesses. Many companies are experiencing a labor shortage because of increased numbers of retirees, difficulty in competing with higher wages and benefits that competitors are offering, or keeping up with new ways of doing business and changes to office culture in a remote capable age. We feel like this program is a key tool for business leaders to invest in their employees’ talents, retain the workforce they need to continue to compete in this highly competitive environment, and to grow the future leaders of their organizations.”

For more information about the program, please visit  If companies are looking for resources to support professional development for their employees, they can also reach out to the Chamber for more information about how to apply for assistance.

About Dirigo
Dirigo is a leadership consulting firm with a reputation for helping organizations develop, grow, and transform. Our clients value an outside perspective to help identify and overcome barriers to both organizational and individual performance. We strive to make a unique difference through our Emerging Leaders Program, leadership guidance, business consulting, keynote speaking, and experiential workshops.

About Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is one of the state’s largest business advocacy organizations, whose mission is to connect, innovate, enhance, and advocate for the businesses of Greater Newport. As a trusted and reliable institution for over 100 years, the Greater Newport Chamber is a vibrant collective body of the Greater Newport business community with nearly 1,000 members representing over 50,000 employees. The Chamber works to create valuable strategic partnerships, promote strong economic growth, diversity, and prosperity to serve its members and the Greater Newport region.


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