Dirigo Announces ON LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2024 | Alchemy

Catalyzing Personal & Professional Growth Warwick, RI – February 29, 2024 – Dirigo Leadership Consulting proudly announces the eagerly awaited ON Leadership Conference 2024: Alchemy, scheduled at The Event Factory in Warwick, RI, on May 1, 2024. The ON Leadership Conference has earned a reputation for catalyzing personal and professional growth, offering attendees a [...]

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Dirigo & Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce Form Strategic Partnership

Launching an Emerging Leaders Program at Innovate Newport February 24, 2023: Dirigo, the leadership development firm based in RI, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce to deliver a premier annual Emerging Leaders Program at Innovate Newport in Newport, RI. The program is designed to help [...]

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Crossed Wires – Mastering the Art of Effective Communications

Every day, in our business and personal lives, we face moments when there is an apparent disconnect between expectations and what occurs. This disconnect can be a simple lack of understanding, confusion about what each party heard and needed, or even a complete breakdown of the objective at hand. As a result, behaviors can [...]

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Delusional Differentiation – Why it’s Probably Hurting Your Profits

I recently asked three competing vendors to tell me in a few words what differentiated them from their rivals. They did not do a good job. I was looking for differentiation as Harvard economist Michael Porter speaks of it: a unique trait that makes the consumer willing to pay more for your product or [...]

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Brand Behavior – Walking the Talk with Authenticity

In our personal lives, we’ve all likely heard the phrases “actions speak louder than words,” “prove it” and “walk the talk.” They all seem to imply that simply saying something doesn’t hold as much weight as taking an action or behaving in a certain manner that demonstrates and supports a claim. It does make [...]

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Three Trilix Executives Join Dirigo as Partners

Helping Clients Develop, Grow & Transform March 29, 2022: In addition to the recent announcement that Blackburn Labs has acquired the Trilix brand and its software application development division – Trilix’s executive consulting team has transitioned into founder Tim Hebert’s leadership consulting firm Dirigo. This merging and expansion of consultative services strengthens the value [...]

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The Kernel of Good Strategy

Good Strategy Bad Strategy I don’t love management bestsellers. True, there are some I have found real value in. It usually gets distilled down to a few key lessons or metaphors that stay with me through the years. But there are even less that I have truly enjoyed reading. I don’t mean “enjoyed reading” [...]

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35 Years in IT—Five Life Values Learned

Information Technology (IT) is supposed to be geeky, technical and complex, right?  IT is filled with specs and facts, thousands of products and solutions and more acronyms than one would ever desire to use in a lifetime! It’s supposed to be unemotional, pointed and simply make things work better, more efficiently, faster…  pretty bland [...]

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