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About Garry Foisy

At Dirigo, I help clients develop and execute better initiatives to drive organic growth, increase profitability, and improve brand loyalty. Our offerings include our Dirigo Academy with its Emerging Leaders Program and Experiential Workshops; Business Consulting with Performance Diagnostics, Business Strategy and Virtual C-Suite; and Brand Behavior to create Client Advisory Boards, Thought Leadership Symposiums Keynote Speaking engagements.

Brand Behavior – Walking the Talk with Authenticity

In our personal lives, we’ve all likely heard the phrases “actions speak louder than words,” “prove it” and “walk the talk.” They all seem to imply that simply saying something doesn’t hold as much weight as taking an action or behaving in a certain manner that demonstrates and supports a claim. It does make [...]

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35 Years in IT—Five Life Values Learned

Information Technology (IT) is supposed to be geeky, technical and complex, right?  IT is filled with specs and facts, thousands of products and solutions and more acronyms than one would ever desire to use in a lifetime! It’s supposed to be unemotional, pointed and simply make things work better, more efficiently, faster…  pretty bland [...]

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