Dirigo: (latin) “I lead”

Dirigo was founded by Tim Hebert, a serial entrepreneur, leadership development coach, keynote speaker, and author of The Intentional Leader.

In growing the firm, Tim hand-selected Erica Davies, Garry Foisy, and Dave Ramsden, executives with whom he had collaborated in the past, each of whom brought unique skillsets to the table. Together, we work to help everyone reach their full potential, because everyone has the potential to lead.


Partnering together to help you achieve excellence.

Tim Hebert
CEO, Founder & Facilitator

Dave Ramsden
Partner & Facilitator

Garry Foisy
Partner & Facilitator

Erica Davies
Partner, Business Operations


Businesses, organizations, and people have this in common: they’re not static entities. As they evolve, they pass through different stages of growth. And with each new stage comes new challenges. If people and their organizations want to thrive, they need to develop new skills and capabilities. However, that simple fact can be hard to notice if you’re looking from the same vantage point everyday. At Dirigo, we can bring a fresh perspective on the leadership skills your organization has and the ones you will need in order to grow. Moreover, through our development programs, workshops, and speaking engagements, we provide the education and teambuilding experiences needed  to change the dynamic and get both your people and your organization to the next level.

Leadership development programs for individual contributors, new managers, and executives

Interactive workshops to explore topics like leadership, accountability, and organizational growth

Keynote speaking and breakout sessions to set the tone for an outstanding conference or event


You may be wondering: what’s different about a leadership program, workshop or consulting engagement with Dirigo? Here’s what you can expect:


Dirigo’s preparation for each engagement, and our adaptive leadership and educational style, is customized and created just for you.


Dirigo workshops blend proven leadership frameworks with relevant personal anecdotes to create an authentic and enriching experience.


There is no passive engagement. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and step out of your comfort zone with a highly interactive, hands-on experience.


Our clients value an outside perspective to help identify and overcome barriers to both organizational and individual performance.


“Tim is an excellent storyteller. He is able to find a relevant example of whatever concept he is explaining. This helps the audience retain and fully understand the information.”

Darlene Morris, Rhode Island Quality Institute

“Tim does a good job of making the topic ‘approachable’ and relevant to the audience. His ability to insert related personal stories into his speeches helps audiences connect and empathize with him.”

Kevin Brassard, Nichols College

“Tim is a catalyst for innovation. His energy created a spark in the minds of the audience; his facilitation nurtured that spark into flame. As others seek to replicate Tim’s successful approach, cutting-edge Apprenticeship models will continue to spread.”

Andrew Cortes, Apprenticeship RI